Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Bhai Surjit Singh (UK) Gurmat Gian Tour


Please see the attached posted for details of Bhai Surjit Singhs gurmat vichaar programs. Only one more week left take laha of these programs if you are in the GTA! 

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Bh. Manvir Singh UK Toronto Tour 

Please see details on poster for upcoming Toronto tour of UK pracharak Bh. Manvir Singh jee. 

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Subscribe to us on YouTube now, we got more content to be uploaded soon in the coming weeks! CLICK HERE!!    

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Follow us now on SOUNDCLOUD!


SikhVibes has expanded its content to SoundCloud! With Sangats requests, we decided to open up a unlimited account on SoundCloud for those that are active on that Social network. From now and on, most of the recordings will be available on SoundCloud, if they are not all available there they will be available ALL here on our website! CLICK HERE AND ...

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Sarbat Khalsa 2015


10 November, 2015 Sarbat Khalsa, Sri Amritsar Jio, Punjab [An English brief on resolutions adopted by the Sarbat Khalsa]   Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fateh! Sarbat Khalsa’s purpose is to strengthen all Sikhs institutions and traditions. We acknowledge the process had several limitations, we will work towards fully diverse and inclusive participation for the next Sarbat Khalsa. ...

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