Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

2020 Keertan Section Updated!

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Please visit our website as we are updated our whole database of Keertan files, in proper coordinated folders that is easier to find and locate! NOTE: Top right there is a search option if you are looking for a particular Keertani or program!

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2018 Keertan Updated!


We are currently updating all keertan tracks for 2018. We apologize for not keeping the website updated. Please connect with us on our Social media platforms for any programs you may have missed. Thanks

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Toronto July AKJ Smaagam 2017


Let us all join the Toronto Annual Akhand Keertan Smaagam (June 30 to July 9) to get Har Jas laaha and Guroo Saaheb’s blessings as per the URL below. Annual Akhand Keertan Smaagam in loving memory of the 407th shaheedee divas of Dhan Dhan Shree Guru Arjan Saaheb Jee, the shaheeds of June 1984 and Bhai Saaheb Bhai Randheer ...

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Bhai Surjit Singh (UK) Gurmat Gian Tour


Please see the attached posted for details of Bhai Surjit Singhs gurmat vichaar programs. Only one more week left take laha of these programs if you are in the GTA! 

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Bh. Manvir Singh UK Toronto Tour 

Please see details on poster for upcoming Toronto tour of UK pracharak Bh. Manvir Singh jee. 

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