Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

The Sikh Identity is Only For Men


By Harleen Kaur “The Sikh Identity is Only For Men.” I sat, stunned, unsure of how to respond. The statement had entered the air with a sense of finality, but I saw her brows furrow as her eyes continued to gauge my reaction, almost asking me to challenge it for her own sake. The words hang in the air, clouding ...

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Rexdale Singh Sabha – Ontario’s First Youth Run Gurughar


Welcome to Ontario’s first youth Gurdwara! YOUR Gurudwara! Sangats Gurudwara! The transition of Old Rexdale Gurdwara from the elders to the youth marks one of the first times such an event has taken place through ekta and teamwork. With Guru Sahib’s blessings the Sikh Youth Federation looks forward to serving the Sangat and implementing new ideas which started on August 8th! See attached ...

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Baba Sewa Singh Jee (Rampur Khera) in Toronto


Baba Sewa Singh Jee (Rampur Khera), is visiting Toronto and local programs have been organized. Come out and take laha of Kirtan by Jatha and Hukamnama/Katha by Baba Sewa Singh Jee. More Details on programs, please visit:

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I AM KAUR camp is back for the girls from August 21-24, 2015 @ Camp Kennebec. Spots are limited, for more details and to register:

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7th Annual Waterloo Sikh Youth Camp || FOR THE KIDS!!


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!! CLICK HERE 7th Annual Waterloo Sikh Youth Camp Saturday, July 25th & Sunday, July 26th, 2015 Waterloo Sikh Youth Camp is part of Toronto Singhs Camp initiative directed towards Youth ages 5+. The camp is completely FREE, however we do accept donations. This Sikh Youth Camp has been designed to bring all the Youth together to share knowledge of ...

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