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Growing up, I remember a time when I’d get an A in history and an F in French class. Opening up our report cards at home, my parents and teachers would always question why I got the F in French, but never wondered what I did right to get the A in history. This mentality stayed with us as we grew up. Look at the media and the way we profile celebrities and icons. There’s always something missing, it seems. Michael Jackson was arguably one of the BEST performers of all time, yet towards the end of his life he was remembered as the guy who couldn’t keep his sanity. Maybe it took that insanity of dying to his craft to become the artist that he was. We, as a society, have become conditioned on what WE can’t do, and in that we’ve become accustomed to seeing what OTHERS can’t do. I do NOT believe in the word can’t. I believe everyone has SOMETHING to offer the world.


“Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.” – Martin Luther King


What I do is empower people by spreading positivity. By doing this, I hope to change the way people think. While everyone is busy pondering what the world can offer them or what they themselves CAN’T do; I hope to inspire people to start thinking about what they CAN offer the world. It starts with going out of your way and asking the world, What Can I Do For You? This goes beyond a one-time, feel good, transactional act like paying it forward. I believe that If I can change the way people think, I can’t help but change the things they do.

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“If I can change the way people think, I can’t help but change the things that they do” – Jagneet Singh (Toronto, Canada)



The outcome is to permanently transform thinking, and in so doing, contributing to making the world an infinitely better place. This gives us all a part to play.


If you are inspired by this movement, you can print a sign off the website and start raising awareness to the message behind #WhatCanIDoForYou by posting to social media OR invite us out to your next event! I’d love to hear from you!


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­­­“It was pouring rain out and I saw this man waiting for his bus with no umbrella so I offered to drop him home on the other side of the city.” #WhatCanIDoForYou

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He asked for money; I took him into Tims w/ me and caught up on his life over his favourite snack: M 3/3 & Boston cream doughnut.” #WhatCanIDoForYou


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